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I’ve released my latest book, “Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses” after waiting over three years. And, have as yet to market. This is not a plague I feature independently . . . the fact is most authors who release new titles have some drag in their marketing portfolio.

Why authors don’t market . . . 

Typically, it seems most authors don’t market because a) they don’t know what to do, b) when they learn what to do – they lack self-confidence or have been taught modesty and feel marketing their writing is adverse to readership, c) lack of time.

So . . . let’s look at these reasons:

  1. Don’t know what to do to market your title? The first thing to do is to search the Internet for “How to market my book!” The Internet is “RICH” with marketing tidbits and pointers and most websites regarding book marketing feature a fair amount of “free” resources. Take advantage of those – venture forth – divide and conquer – get the free resources on the Internet and begin MARKETING!
  2. Have a lack of self-confidence? Feel it is immoral to self-promote? Feel readers should gravitate to your book without you waiving it in the air declaring, “Buy my book its great!” Well, the fact is, you do need to believe your book is great!!!! If you didn’t believe you wrote something worth reading, why did you write it in the first place? Every author believes they have readers who will read their writing – it is a fact of writing. So . . . do you just lack self-confidence? Afraid you’ll blunder? Say the wrong thing? Not look the part? Writing a book takes passion or at the very least determination! So take that feeling and promote it through marketing. You can and will do this. And, as far as readers gravitating to your book due to its sheer wisdom, humor, grandiose creativity, etc. Well . . . that ideal is a derivative of an era where books were published by a handful of companies and went to libraries with a handful of titles and had a whirlwind of anxious readers. There was a time where a title would be produced and put into storefronts and it would be one of a select number of new works and everyone would know . . . XXX was released. Especially, if the author was community-based and community-based book stores carried their title. At that time, authors were rare in small towns, jurisdictions, counties, etc. Today, on the other hand, there are an abundance of stores, outlets, retailers, and authors in every town, city, county, state. This is a competitive market. For a reader to “see” and “admire” your book the initial element is the “seeing.” And, without marketing no one is seeing your book! You must market! Market today!
  3. Do you lack enough time? This is the most logical reason not to market but it is one to overcome. We are all tremendously busy . . . each of us have career, family, civic duties, home, hearth, recreation, groups, memberships, church or seminars, pets, hobbies, etc. and that is just the beginning! Our world is full of busyness . . . it goes without saying. What is your remedy? Well, you wrote the book. You made time to do that. Take the time you wrote and turn it into your marketing time. If you cannot extend a lot of time . . . at least take 20 or 30 minutes a day to build a marketing plan and then to execute it. What will work for your title to sell? Who wants to buy your book? Where can you list it? Who might carry it in their store? Begin brainstorming and then . . . perform, perform, perform. Invest in your sales planning by marketing. Invest in you! Invest in your book!

A great book is a known book.

The greatest book, “The Bible” is great because nearly every reader throughout recorded, and unrecorded history, has read it, or at least parts of it – even non-believers. They even say, “The Devil has read the Bible!” and he is the antagonist.

“The Bible” markets naturally; readers, original writers and supporters (to this very day) hold it up and declare:

This is The Greatest Book!

While you are not Matthew, Peter, James, or John writing about Jesus Christ ~ you are probably the most talented writer in recorded history concerning your media. For instance, you may be the only author who understands “The Victorious Mindset” and that is the greatest book concerning that topic because of the fact – it is YOU who wrote it!

To become a great book someone needs to declare it! And, that someone is YOU!

So . . . declare your book! Declare it today. Drop the false modesty and tell folks:

I’ve written a book and it is GREAT!

Tell everyone you know:


And, tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know:

READ (insert your name here)’s BOOK!

Do it NOW. Do it TODAY! Because like me – you have no excuse.

When is it time to start marketing?

Yesterday, last year while you were still writing, three years ago when you got the idea to write a book.

Marketing isn’t a sin – it is a writer’s right and privilege. And, it is essential to an author’s title’s success.


D. L. QuesinberryAbout the Author: Ms. D. L. Quesinberry (Donna or “Q”) is a formative writer of over twenty-five plus years in both technical nonfiction and creative fiction. She maintains 4 news publication columns: 1) National Writing Examiner (this story is being shared there); 2) Washington DC Government Business Examiner; 3) Washington DC Military Technology Examiner; 4) Washington DC Wounded Warrior Examiner and she is applying for 5) North Carolina Women’s Issues Examiner. “Q” has a small, woman-owned, self-determined disadvantaged, management consultancy: dpInk, which features executive coaching, government (federal, state, local) and commercial business development, capture administration, and proposals; presentations; training; and a select publishing initiative: dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. featuring over 25 authors and their select works. “Q” has 5 success-driven adult children with 7 biological grandchildren and 2 step-grandchildren; she also has 2 dogs: Scuttle (long-haired chihuahua) and Lady (Farm Heinz who is expecting pups the first week in Rocktober of 2015) as well as 3 putty cats: Jersey (Russian Blue), Lucius (Black and White Calico) and Meka (Grey Calico who also has 4 kittens). “Q” attributes her success in life to a set of excellent parents: Jack and Joan; to her children and their incessant desires to keep her “on track”; and to her faith: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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